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Penzion Heřmanice
Russian skittles, playground, billiards - pool, outdoor sports ground, petanque / boccia sportground, outdoor swimming pool for hotel guests only

Penzion Heřmanice

We offer sports facilities is a clay tennis court, with adjustments for volleyball or football. Furthermore, two mini-tracks, skittles, swing, climbing rope, basketball and outdoor tank, circular, 11 m diameter, with a height of 115 to 120 cm of water, with a small paddling pool. Tennis rackets, balls, golf clubs, etc. can be rented from us.

Heřmanice 101, Králíky

Wellness hotel Vista
playground, fitness centre for the public, sporting goods and equipment rental, sports hall / gym, indoor jacuzzi for the public, outdoor trampoline, bicycle service, sporting goods and equipment shop, billiards - carambol, sauna for the public, solarium, steam cabin for the public, billiards - pool, children'd play room, outdoor sports ground, bowling, covered swimming pool for the public, sports lessons and training, bicycle storage, ski service, indoor ping-pong, massage for the public

Wellness hotel Vista

Dolní Morava 46

sauna for accommodated guests only, playground, billiards - pool, outdoor sports ground, outdoor trampoline, outdoor swimming pool for hotel guests only

(Penzion Na Rozcestí)

Dolní Morava 106, Dolní Morava

billiards - carambol, sporting goods and equipment rental

Hotel Morava

Dolní Morava 28, Dolní Morava

(Hostinec U Valentů)
billiards - carambol

(Hostinec U Valentů)

Šanov čp. 93, Králíky

billiards - carambol, outdoor swimming pool for hotel guests only, outdoor ping-pong

(Chata Horní Lipka)

Horní Lipka č. ev. 9, Králíky

Stock bowling Králíky
billiards - carambol, bowling

Stock bowling Králíky

Hradecká 196, Králíky

billiards - carambol, outdoor ping-pong

(Chata v Dolině)

Horní Morava 29, Dolní Morava


(Muzejní noc v Městském muzeu Králíky)

Municipal museum (Králíky)

Fri 6/25/2021 17:00

(Den automobilní techniky)

Military museum Králíky (Králíky)

Sat 6/26/2021 8:00

(Den plný zážitků)

(Dolní Morava)

Sat 7/2/2021

(Mig 21 - Dolní Morava Open Air)

(Dolní Morava)

Sun 7/4/2021 18:30

(VIII. Veterán sraz Dolní Morava)

Resort Dolní Morava (Dolní Morava)

Sat 7/9/2021

Tip for a trip

 - monastery and place of pilgrimage

- monastery and place of pilgrimage

Situated very hign above Králíky town, there is pilgrimage area that is connected with the town by the...